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Learn why our company has joined 1% for the Planet

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Today, more than ever before, the world is in danger. Deforestation, climate change, high levels of fossil fuel consumption, building mountains of non-biodegradable waste - the list is endless and disheartening. 

Yet, there is still hope for the future. There is still time to right the wrongs of the past and help the children of today and tomorrow. We firmly believe this and that’s why we have signed Koi Golf up to 1% for The Planet. 

This organisation, which has now evolved into a global movement fuelled by small business owners, large business owners, and individuals, began with a simple idea:

We all have a responsibility to protect the planet we share and need to survive. 

Members of this organisation pledge to give 1% of their sales back to help restore the world’s environment to its former glory. 

Whether profitable or not, business owners who join this organisation honour this promise. We are proud to join the group of growing business teams that are committed to this idea. 

The money from these donations is injected into various approved environmental organisations so that they can become more powerful in pushing the changes we need to save our world. 

As customers of Koi Golf, you can also take pride and comfort in knowing that a little part of every purchase you make will help bring the change our planet needs for a better tomorrow. 

Organisations like 1% for the Planet ensure there is hope for a brighter path in the years to come. With your continued support, we will help change the trajectory for all who call this planet home. 

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